About Us

Vital Voltz was created to provide the market with a new unique design in the portable charger industry.

It is hard enough to remember to leave the house with your money, keys, phone and any other essentials in your list, not to mention also grabbing a portable charger. This was why we created a device that was small, light weight but could also be attached to anything you never leave the house without to prevent forgetting it at home and ending up with a dead device.


Our keyring feature prevents you from ever forgetting your battery pack every again. Say goodbye to the days leaving your house with a dead device and no charger in sight.

Hook it to your keys, handbag, backpack or drink bottle. Grab your necessities and go and know you don't have to think twice and it will already be there for the next time you need it!

Don't like the idea as a keyring? no problem! We have ensured the device is small, compact and lightweight so it can be kept in a bag or pocket with ease.

Multi-device Charger

Vital Voltz wanted to bring something unique to the market by creating one device that could be used to charge multiple devices. The main charging connection is lightening compatible along with a cord connection which is USB-C compatible.

1 device can charge multi devices including but not limited to iPhones, AirPods, iPads, MacBook, Samsung and more.

Colour options

Vital Voltz wanted to create a range of colour options for our customers so there is something for everyone.


A stand feature was incorporated into the device to allow our customers with lightening compatible devices to be able to charge their phone hands free whilst still doing the things they love like watching Netflix on the go

Slim-line Design

Vital Voltz portable charger is a slim-line, compact, lightweight charger perfect for any occasion. Slip it into your clutch for an event, in your pocket at a concert, or in your hand luggage for flight carry on. It is the perfect addition to anyone needing that extra battery life on the go both for day-to-day life or travelling.